The squeeze out bid that was issued by Autogrill for the remaining shares of Carestel Group was closed on 2nd February 2007. Autogrill was holding 8,179,239 shares of Carestel Group which now raised to 8,522,619 after squeeze out bid of 343,380 shares. This brings the total holding of Autogrill in Carestel Group to 99.81%.

Pursuant to article 32, paragraph 5, of the Belgian Royal Decree of 8 November 1989, the Carestel Group shares which have not been offered on 2nd February 2007 will, by force of law, automatically be transferred to Autogrill. Amounts due to previous shareholders will be paid into the Bank for Deposits and Consignations (ph. + 32 (0)2 233 78 46) as from 7th May 2007. Until this date, the Carestel Group shares can still be deposited, without costs, at the offices of ING Belgique. In accordance with article 60, paragraph 3, of the aforementioned Royal Decree, Carestel Group has been delisted from Euronext Brussels as from 2 February 2007.