The top five wedding dinner ideas by caterers in Portland OR? We have collected for you! Whether you opt for an intimate wedding dinner or a grand walking dinner, these top five wedding dinner ideas will make your dinner unforgettable. Serve your wedding guests a dinner that you will never forget and most importantly: a dinner to be feasted on!

Stop worrying about the wedding menu and after reading this article, click the button. We have collected the five best wedding dinner ideas from 2018 for you. Say goodbye to a customary wedding menu and get started with the catering of the wedding dinner ! Quickly view all our five favorite wedding dinner ideas!

1. The world journey

How great would it be to marry in your favorite holiday destination and enjoy the delicious food together with your wedding guests? Which can! You do not even have to marry abroad , you simply bring your favorite holiday destination to your wedding! Do this by organizing the wedding dinner on the kitchen of your favorite destination. Paris, London, Milan or Bali; nothing is to crazy. So you and your guests who are eating at the wedding dinner are still a little bit abroad.

2. Illusion food

I see, I see what you do not see. And let us immediately fall into the house with the door; not everything is as it seems. That is certainly the case with the second wedding dinner idea! Illusion food plays with your senses and fools your eyes as well as taste buds. Surprise your wedding guests with an unusual dinner. Is that flower edible? Is it sweet or savory? Make them wonder and enjoy!

3. Seafood

Fish can be used as wedding catering of any season ! Whether you choose the catch of the day or the specialty of the region you marry in, fish is always a good idea! Find a caterer that prepares the fish in your favorite way or let yourself be surprised by the chef!

4. Vegan

One is lactose intolerant, the other does not like red meat and the third gets Spanish stuffy from raw fish. How do you deal with allergies and diets of guests ? Do not see the limitations of others as a burden, but make the most of it! For example, choose a vegan wedding dinner! Health is hot! There are so many different delicacies to make with vegan recipes, Pinterest is full of it! Choose your dishes together with your hubby and prepare the menu for your wedding !

5. Comfort food

To know better, nothing feels as good as a food baby! Therefore go for your wedding dinner for comfort food. Marrying you is one of the most important days of your life, that is reason enough to eat well! Get everything out of the closet and enjoy a delicious wedding dinner without feeling guilty. You marry (very likely) only once, so enjoy it!

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